Life and things

To keep you entertained, here are some pictures of the puppy who is making a mess, as she is CONVINCED there is something in the wood stove.

To be fair, she’s not completely crazy. In my three days home I’ve removed three birds (two alive one dead RIP) from said stove.

This is long. So. On the job/life front:

I quit my job. Technically I did that a while ago, but last Friday was my last day. While I am feeling very back and forth on a lot of these changes, this one I am 100% confident in. It was an interesting job and had great security (government heyyy) but SO not for me. I am open to the idea of working there again, but not in that role and not any time soon.

I moved home. That feels weird, but only, I think, because I am convinced it SHOULD feel weird. Like I should feel insecure about it. And I do, a little, but not that much. I am starting grad school next month and am happily saving money in the mean time by being here. I am going to try to find a job, but that may be near here, school, or in Boston, so it’s easiest to stay at home until then.

Oh, yeah, so, grad school! I am trying to get excited about it. Well, I AM excited about it, I just am still eh on leaving my friends. But, if I play my cards right, get all the classes I want, and follow my plan, I will be done with classes in only one school year (two semesters), and then just have my master’s thesis left. I need to meet with my adviser and get that plan approved, but I don’t know why it wouldn’t be. I really hope it works out that way. If it does, I’m hoping I can do my thesis from anywhere (ie not need to meet with my adviser in person/on campus). That gives me freedom to look for real jobs next year here, near school, or in Boston, NYC, or DC.

So, leaving DC. That is the part that makes me iffy! I had really just started getting my friend group going well and getting into a groove. But it is nice to know that I think I will stay close to a good chunk of them in the next year, and will have friends already if I do decide to go back. Oh but if I do, I am living in DC, Arlington, or maybe Reston. NOT way out in the Dulles boonies.

Ok, on to the relevant stuff. Running! Fitness! Weight loss! I have NO EXCUSES to not get a good workout in EVERY day now that I am unemployed/bored/lonely :) Seriously, this next month should be beast mode. I plan to run everyday (minimum 1 mile) and really get back into my push ups and squats. I’m not joining a gym or anything, so if anyone has good body weight exercise resources, let me know! I am also going to get back to eating on track. Myfitnesspal tracking EVERY DAY. So far so good (if you say good is tracked, and not good eating). I have a doctor’s appointment next week, so I will take that as my official weigh in. There is no no no reason I should not be at my goal weight by New Year’s. That is SO much time and I KNOW how to do this. I am weighing in at 135 on our scale at home right now which tends to be a little light, so I think I am about 137. That means losing 20 pounds. I have done that before. I CAN DO THIS.

As far as running goes, I am signed up for the BAA Half Marathon in October. Tell me if you’re running it! I know a bunch of tumblrs are and I really want to meet people beforehand. I am going to start following a Hal Higdon plan this week! Just gotta get that sorted out.

Things are changing and it is scary and exciting. Life!